Additional Services

Providing cutting edge technology solutions is what we do best. We work with a team of over 20 inhouse NASA level programmers that deliver top quality programming services and solutions for a competitive price.


At Vplex, we are proud that many of our programmers are NASA level. What does this mean, NASA level?
This means that our programmers come from a very knowledgeable and disciplined background. The bulk of our programmers have had deep involvement in organizations that enforce strict programming methodologies such as those imposed by the prestigious Software Engineering Institute (SEI).

The Software Engineering Institute is a federally funded research and development center established in 1984 by the Department of Defense. It awards maturity ratings to software developers. These ratings are earned through an exhaustive independent evaluation involving analysis and review of a company’s software development capability, its processes and its products.
SEI rates a company’s programming facilities along with its approaches to development on a scale of 1 to 5. Of the thousands of development companies, less than 30 groups in the world are rated at the top with a score of 5, like NASA and MIT.

We are proud to say that many of our programmers have either come from a background that enforces these rigorous programming methodologies like SEI, or many of them have studied and aware of the guidelines necessary to develop and deploy the most critical aspects in IT development.
Our programming team is trained to follow a systematic approach for development and engages in the following methodology:

Common programming services provided:

Order Processing
On-Site Security Server
Secured Credit Card Transactions
Shopping Carts/Electronic Commerce
Shopping Malls
Secured Databases Solutions
Search Engine/Directory Promotion
Custom Search Directories
Extranets, Intranets
and more!

Programming Languages:

Java/Java Script, Microsoft SQL Server
C, C++, Visual Basic .NET, Oracle
Iphone, Ipdad Driod prorgamming
Python, Ruby, Ajax, and more!

Platforms (Most commonly used):

Unix, Linux (SGI, SUN)
PC (DOS, NT, XP, Vista, Windows 7)