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When we started this company 10 years ago, our goal was pretty straightforward: to provide schools and school districts an easy way to increase student achievement through the combination of technology and parental engagement.

In 10 years we have become not just your ordinary software company, but also an Vplex Staff
integral part of how districts are training parents with computers, communication
via email to parents, data collection for NCLB accountability, and a direct link to
their communities who speak Spanish as their native language. Although our
program has evolved tremendously, we haven’t.

Our staffs are highly skilled professionals who provide critical IT and educational
services for our clients. We are driven; high- energy people committed to helping
you provide positive, measurable results. We are passionate in what we do and it

The reality is, we’re real people just like you.

We work late; we get tired. We have names and our own unique personalities.
Thankfully, most of us are wide-eyed, pleasant, and extremely friendly (in particular
those who answer the phone).

And all of us are not only great at what we do, but we LOVE what we do!