In 1999

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In 1999, I was asked to be involved with Vplex, LLC. We were a software company
based in San Jose, California. Vplex, LLC was involved in client data management
and online credit card processing.12 years later, Vplex is a software company
specializing in educational software applications designed to engage Parents and
keep them involved.

I never imagined that my job would take me on a path of understanding parental
involvement and trying to understand the challenges both school and communities
through out America face on a daily basis.

What is Parental Involvement? What is Parental Engagement? I hear these terms
loosely used from inner city Los Angeles, to the desert town of El Paso. I have come
to realize that both are trying to get the same results, but are very different in how
they reach them. This is my take in how they work.

Parental Involvement is a structured way that the school and school administrators
decide prior to the school year on how they want to steer or direct Parents of the
school to either volunteering, attending school sponsored Parental workshops,

Parental Engagement is the polar opposite to the current system of Involvement.
Engaging parents and asking them what they want and what the school can offer.

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